Gatewell’s director, Dr. Rosenfeld, is a certified group psychotherapist, one of only several therapists in the entire South Florida region who have earned this distinction.

Dr. Rosenfeld has experience leading groups in the areas of eating/body image concerns, addictions, anger management, sport psychology, DBT, self-esteem, and general psychotherapy/process groups. Benefits of group therapy include:

  • Connecting with others with similar concerns
  • Giving/receiving honest feedback
  • Exploring new ways of acting and communicating in relationships
  • Working on conflict, anger, assertiveness
  • Enhancing/expediting the gains from individual therapy

Gatewell is currently (Spring, 2017) recruiting members for the following groups:

  • Eat-in-Peace (eating/body image issues)
  • Alcohol/Drug Recovery
  • General Psychotherapy
  • Therapist/Trainee Process Group

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If you are interested in these groups (or any others), please contact Gatewell.