When Food and Body Issues Control You

Are you constantly thinking about food? Counting calories, macros, and the time before your next meal? Do you obsess about food and wonder if you’re addicted? Are your thoughts consumed by what you should or shouldn’t be eating, staying on track with your diet, fighting off cravings?

Are you similarly worried about your body? Concerned about weight gain? Critical of your appearance? Frequently checking yourself in the mirror, on the scale, with your clothing to make sure you’re okay? Thinking about how much better life would be if you could only lose the weight?

It’s all so preoccupying. . . and exhausting. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can transform your relationship with food. You can get off the diet roller coaster and finally eat in peace. You can make food less of a focus in your life – experiencing food as something that nourishes you and brings you pleasure – but that doesn’t take up prime real estate in your brain. 

You can transform your relationship with your body. You can call a cease fire on your body war, ending harmful efforts to manipulate, control, or police your flesh. You can learn to accept and respect your body, to treat it with care. You can learn to trust it. And you can learn to be at peace in your body.

When you eat in peace, you can avoid passing down your food and body issues to your children. You can focus on what you value most. You can show up better in your relationships – and for yourself.

If these are your goals, this group is for you.

We believe. . .

  • No foods are “bad.”
  • Food is more than just nourishment – it’s pleasure, comfort, family, culture, connection, and home.
  • All bodies should be accepted, respected, and free.
  • All people, if they choose, can pursue health and well-being.
  • Your issues with food or your body are not your fault.
  • You don’t have to be at war with your body.
  • You can return to your innate acceptance of  – and wonderment about  – your body.
  • Your body is wise and can be your guide.
  • You are capable of healing.

Eat in Peace Group

Eat in Peace is a six-session group that draws from DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), IE (Intuitive Eating), and HAES (Health at Every Size)Ⓡ. It encourages participants to explore their values and their relationship with food and dieting; to learn about hunger, fullness, and satiety;  to cope with their feelings without using food; to understand the real relationship between health and weight; to pursue joyful physical activity; to consider, but stop stressing about, nutritional information and health; and to come home to their bodies and themselves. 

*Eat in Peace is not intended as a weight-loss workshop. In fact, those who are actively seeking weight loss are likely not appropriate participants for this group.

**Eat in Peace is available to residents of NY, FL, and CA.

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Dr. Stacey Rosenfeld is a clinical psychologist, certified eating disorders specialist, and certified group psychotherapist. She has worked at some of the finest institutions in the country helping people address eating and weight concerns. Dr. Rosenfeld has intensive training in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), a type of therapy designed to help people cope with emotions more effectively. She believes that all bodies deserve nourishment, peace, and respect and that individuals can cultivate a healthy relationship with food.

What Others Are Saying

“Highly recommended for anyone who has ever dieted or felt ashamed of how her body looks.” —Abigail C. Saguy, Associate Professor of Sociology, UCLA, and author of What’s Wrong with Fat?

“Many conflicted and hurting women who do not have a full-fledged eating disorder but still struggle with weight and body image will find enormous comfort and a door to freedom. . . .” —Jacquelyn Ekern, MS, LPC, President, Eating Disorder Hope

“Stacey Rosenfeld adeptly captures the current science about eating and body image and delivers it in a meaningful, relatable style.” —Hope W. Levin, MD, Psychiatrist

“As an advocate supporting people who experience weight bias and weight stigma, I often find it difficult to slice through the rhetoric of ‘common knowledge’ when speaking with people who aren’t aware there is another side to the story. Dr. Stacey concisely breaks down that ‘knowledge’ and bite by bite discredits the fallacies while building a new foundational knowledge of accurate, scientifically proven fact that people can in turn build better self-image, habits of proper self-care, and decisions that work best for their body.” —Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, founder of BingeBehavior.com


Taking the Next Step

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