Body Acceptance

Body Acceptance Practices – Stop Hating Your Body Today

Struggling with body acceptance – It’s Not Your Fault But It Is Your Problem Most of us are socialized to be critical of our bodies. Whether it’s our families, communities, or our culture at large, we are bombarded by messaging regarding what constitutes an acceptable body. Children as young as preschoolers learn that certain bodiesContinue reading Body Acceptance Practices – Stop Hating Your Body Today

coping with infertility

Coping with Infertility

The Trauma of Infertility Coping with infertility can be one of the most trying experiences you face, with the process challenging you physically, emotionally, financially – and for many – spiritually. Often, folks struggling with infertility end up experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mental health outcomes. Relationships and responsibilities can suffer, self-esteem can plummet, andContinue reading Coping with Infertility


Home for the Holidays: Coping with Triggers

Going home for the holidays For some, the holidays evoke family, connection, and cheer. But, this time of year can be tough for many folks, particularly those in recovery from an eating disorder, substance use disorder, trauma, depression, or other mental health concern. Visiting people or places that bring up uncomfortable memories – or causeContinue reading Home for the Holidays: Coping with Triggers

sexual assault

Sexual Assault and Alcohol Use

CW: rape/sexual assault The Ford/Kavanaugh case has engendered numerous discussions about the connection between drinking and sexual assault. People – even in the mental health profession – are speculating about the accuracy of Dr. Ford’s report given her (reportedly minor) alcohol consumption around the time of her assault. Others are wondering whether or not KavanaughContinue reading Sexual Assault and Alcohol Use