Individual therapy is an investment in your future, your relationships, and yourself. Gatewell Therapy Center, in Miami, has a team of therapists who are trained in the most effective therapeutic approaches that offer clients the opportunity to explore, grow, and change. The therapeutic process is collaborative, with the therapist providing support, information, and inquiry, and the clients making use of the therapeutic space to build curiosity regarding what is or isn’t working in their lives and courage to try out new behaviors.

Most clients who choose individual therapy are seen once a week for forty-five minute sessions. For your first appointment, Gatewell generally allows an hour, as some extra time is needed for the information-gathering process and to determine if the client-therapist relationship is a good fit. If the therapist cannot help you in the most effective way, Gatewell can offer a referral to another provider. Gatewell has several relationships with psychiatrists and nutritionists (including our own Christine Tellez, RDN) if adjunctive care may be of help to you.

Individual therapy can sometimes involve partners, parents, and other family members for consultation. Gatewell also sees families for Family-Based Treatment (FBT) for eating disorders or for traditional family therapy. Clients might also benefit from conjoint couples/family therapy with another member of our staff or from group therapy, which has the power to expedite significantly the gains from individual therapy.