Meal Support

For those in eating disorder recovery, meals and snacks can be challenging. Sometimes, things go smoothly. Other times, every bite can be a struggle. Stressful circumstances can lead to a resurgence of old behaviors. That’s where meal support comes in.

We’re here to help.

While your treatment team provides the bread and butter of your care, they’re not always available. And as you make headway in your recovery, you’ll likely have less contact with your providers. Meal support is often the missing link in outpatient eating disorder care. It offers the real-time, in-the-moment guidance that helps you normalize your eating and heal your relationship with food. With meal support, you can address thoughts and feelings as they occur and then – through exposure, coping skills, and the support of your facilitator and peers – practice more adaptive, recovery-oriented responses.

Meet Your Meal Support Facilitator

Cafecito with Christine is a weekly meal support group. Your facilitator, Christine Tellez, is a  registered dietitian nutritionist, certified in intuitive eating. Her work is centered around helping people develop a healthy relationship with food.

Having worked at all levels of eating disorder treatment, Christine is uniquely positioned to guide you through a meal. Her warm and compassionate style will offer you comfort and encouragement as  you eat  – and connection as you recover.

More, Cafecito with Christine tackles broader issues related to eating disorder recovery. A weight-inclusive provider, Christine offers media (e.g., blogs, podcasts) and discussions around intuitive eating, HAES, social justice, and intersectionality. In our experience, uncovering and challenging some of the cultural forces that impact how we eat and experience our bodies can facilitate your recovery.

We believe that eating disorder recovery is best served with a side of social justice. 

Grab a Seat at the Table with Christine

So come join Christine for food, coffee, and conversation. Make mealtime a positive experience. From the comfort and privacy of your home, you’ll find support, encouragement, education, and community. Whether you’re struggling in recovery, interested in eating disorder and social justice topics, or just in need of a little extra support, Christine is just a click away. Connect with peers. Get guidance over a meal. Learn. Grow. Nourish yourself.

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