Does your teen struggle with. . .

    • coping with difficult emotions?
    • managing distress?
    • navigating interpersonal relationships?

If so, teen DBT might be the right choice for your family.

DBT is an evidence-based treatment that can improve an adolescent’s ability to manage distress, regulate their emotions, and function effectively in their relationships. In Gatewell’s teen DBT skills group, your teen will learn:

1) Core Mindfulness Skills: Mindfulness is at the heart of DBT. In this module, your teen will learn how to focus their attention and thinking. Mindfulness will teach your teen to be more present and effective in their life.

2) Emotion Regulation Skills: Adolescence can be a particularly emotionally turbulent time. This module helps your teen gain increased awareness and understanding of their emotions. They’ll learn what they’re feeling (and why) and how to ride out those strong emotional waves.

3) Distress Tolerance Skills: These skills help your adolescent cope with crisis situations without making them worse. Your teen will learn how to accept certain realities and how to weather life’s storms. If your teen struggles with knowing what to do when facing challenging experiences and when flooded with difficult emotions, distress tolerance skills can help.

4) Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills: Here, your teen will learn how to interact with others more effectively. These skills provide a playbook for some of those difficult interpersonal interactions that creep up at home, at school, and in other contexts. Here, teens learn how to  assert themselves and their boundaries in a skillful way. The interpersonal effectiveness module also teaches listening and communication skills, how to make and cultivate friendships, and and how to end toxic relationships. 

Adolescence is a challenging time. DBT skills help provide the tools to navigate these difficulties.

This group may be especially suited for teens who struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, numbing behaviors, disordered eating, or with any other difficulties managing emotions and relationships. Learning DBT skills can reduce distress, increase coping, and help your teen create a life worth living.

DBT Skills Group

Our online DBT skills groups are six-month comprehensive programs. Attendance for the full six months is required in order to reap the benefits demonstrated from DBT skills groups in research and clinical settings. Members can participate in fully adherent DBT treatment at our center (skills group + individual therapy + phone coaching) or can join the group as a standalone treatment* or adjunct to their external individual therapy.

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Meet Your Facilitators for Teen DBT

Thaimi Fina, MSEd is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and is certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy for trauma. She is an eating disorders specialist and has experience leading DBT Skills groups in a residential treatment setting and for years here at Gatewell.

Alyssa Vazquez

Alyssa Vazquez, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has specific expertise in working with teens and families. She has led DBT groups in a residential setting and has also participated in DBT programming at Gatewell.

Thaimi and Alyssa are members of Gatewell’s DBT consultation team, where they actively collaborate with our staff toward the most effective care of our clients.

Group Details

Our online DBT group is open to teens all over Florida and meets via Zoom. The group fee is $75. We are able to bill Aetna, United/Optum, and Cigna directly. An individual consultation is required in order to join the group. Call 305-846-9370 for more information or to register for the group. If you’d like to learn the skills yourself – to facilitate your teen’s learning and to expedite improvements in your relationship with them, we offer a 10-week companion course for adult caregivers.

Taking the Next Step

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*based on individual consultation