Validation Fails

Validation is one of our most important interpersonal skills. The ability to validate effectively can significantly improve our relationships. And being able to validate someone in a given moment can make or break an interaction. So what does it take to validate? In this two-part blog series, we’ll look at some common validation failures asContinue reading Validation Fails


VAWA Immigration Evalutations

Alejandra came to the United States from Venezuela and, after a few months, started dating a U.S. citizen. They had a romantic courtship and married a little after a year. Alejandra couldn’t wait to start a family with her loving new spouse. But soon after they married, his behavior changed. He started criticizing and humiliatingContinue reading VAWA Immigration Evalutations

coping with social anxiety

Coping With Social Anxiety

What Is Social Anxiety? Do you get anxious when you have to give a talk? How about before work meetings or parties or other types of events? Do you notice apprehension, worry, or even dread? How about the physical manifestations of anxiety, such as a sweating, an increased heart rate, or stomach trouble? If theseContinue reading Coping With Social Anxiety

504 plans and IEPs

504 Plans and IEPs: Getting Your Children the Help They Need

What Are 504 Plans and IEPs? If your child is struggling in school due to physical, emotional or behavioral issues, it might be time to look into services and supports to facilitate their learning. Physical conditions, learning disorders, psychiatric conditions, and developmental disorders can impact a student’s progress, but thankfully, there are resources in place,Continue reading 504 Plans and IEPs: Getting Your Children the Help They Need


Coping with Grief and Loss

Trigger warning: Grief triggers can happen at any time, so please note that a piece about grief may contain triggers for some folks. If you are grieving and are feeling particularly vulnerable, perhaps save this blog for another day.  Sarah lost her daughter unexpectedly three years ago. In an instant, her life was forever changed.Continue reading Coping with Grief and Loss

holiday stress

Coping with Holiday Stress

While folks gather, celebrate, eat, and drink over the holidays, it’s important to note that cheer and contentment aren’t everyone’s experience. For many, the holidays can be stressful, and for some, they’re downright difficult. Whether the discomfort is associated with seeing certain family members, eating holiday meals, or traveling, the holiday season can evoke varyingContinue reading Coping with Holiday Stress