Is Couples Counseling for You?

Is your relationship suffering under the weight of work, children, and bills?

Do you and your partner no longer have the physical or emotional intimacy you once had?

Is communication with your partner becoming difficult and often conflictual?

Was there infidelity in your relationship?

Is a struggle with infertility taking its toll on your relationship?

Has the transition to parenthood causes your relationship to take a back seat?

Does your relationship need a reboot?

How Can Couples Counseling Help?

Couples counseling is an investment in your relationship – and yourselves. Gatewell therapists are skilled at working with heterosexual and LGBT couples of all ages, across various racial and cultural backgrounds. Whether you are married, partners, cohabiting, separated, co-parenting, engaged to be married, or dating, our therapists can help you get your relationship back on track. Members of some couples attend individual therapy while simultaneously in couples counseling; in other cases, only the couple will attend together.

Most couples have a variety of strengths and some weak spots. Whether it be emotional communication, the division of labor, parenting roles, or coping with stressors as partners, rather than adversaries, couples might struggle in certain areas integral to the continued functioning and evolution of their connection. It is our job to help each couple that enters our practice understand its unique strengths and weaknesses and to capitalize on these strengths, while mitigating any identified challenges.

Couples counseling can help improve communication between you and partner, reduce resentments between you, and teach you how to address concerns with your partner in an effective way. Gatewell therapists lean toward the Gottman Method when conceptualizing relationship difficulties and developing specific interventions. We address how to manage conflict, with the knowledge that your partner is on the same “team” as you. We can help you nurture and prioritize your relationship, because like everything else, relationships require cultivation and attention. Through couples counseling, we encourage you and your partner to accept and respect each other – key components to a functional relationship.

Of course, not every relationship is meant to last. If you are on the brink of separation, your therapist will walk you through this difficult decision and if you decide to end the relationship, will work with you on doing so as peacefully and respectfully as possible.

*Note: Insurance will not reimburse for couples counseling unless at least one member of the couple carries a mental health diagnosis and the counseling is geared toward addressing this diagnosis.