comprehensive DBT

Comprehensive DBT

DBT is an evidence-based modality that can help individuals who suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, trauma/PTSD, substance misuse, disordered eating, self-harm/suicidality, and borderline personality disorder, as well as broader issues with emotional regulation and interpersonal functioning. DBT was founded by psychologist, Dr. Marsha Linehan, and developed from the early part of her career’s focusContinue reading Comprehensive DBT

youth sports

The Psychology of Youth Sports: What We Continue To Get Wrong

Participating in sports offers our kids so many benefits: physical activity, teamwork, working toward goals, socialization, fun, and more. Unfortunately, there are some aspects of youth sports that are harmful and detract from the multiple benefits. Here are five observations (as an ex-athlete, a graduate of a master’s program in sport psychology/clinical psychologist, and aContinue reading The Psychology of Youth Sports: What We Continue To Get Wrong

holiday coping

Holiday Coping Guide

For some, the winter holidays aren’t all festivities and fun. They might be fraught with discomfort or distress. Experiences of grief, loneliness, anxiety, and an uptick in trauma symptoms are not uncommon. We’ve assembled some tips in this holiday coping guide to help get you through the season. Acknowledge your struggle. Acknowledge that this timeContinue reading Holiday Coping Guide

wise mind

Wise Mind: A Balanced Synthesis

What Is A Dialectic? One of the main concepts in DBT is the goal of balancing opposites. That’s actually the “D” is DBT, “dialectical.” A dialectical stance incorporates multiple – even potentially conflicting – points of view. It’s a both/and versus either/or way of thinking. One of the primary dialectics in DBT is acceptance andContinue reading Wise Mind: A Balanced Synthesis