When Emotions Run Wild

Emotions can be challenging. People can be challenging. Life itself can be challenging.

DBT skills provide the tools to cope with and master these difficulties.

For those struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, numbing behaviors, disordered eating, or with any other difficulties managing emotions and relationships, DBT is an evidence-based treatment that can reduce distress, increase coping, and help create a life worth living.

Our online DBT skills groups cover:

1) Core Mindfulness Skills: Mindfulness is at the heart of DBT. In this module, you’ll learn how to focus your attention and thinking. Mindfulness skills encourage you to observe, describe, and participate in life and to do so from a non-judgmental, focused, and effective stance.

2) Emotion Regulation Skills: This module helps you gain increased awareness and understanding of your emotions. You’ll learn what you’re feeling (and why) and how to ride out strong emotional waves.

3) Distress Tolerance Skills: These skills help you cope with crisis situations without making them worse. You’ll learn how to accept certain realities and how to weather life’s storms. If you struggle with knowing what to do when facing challenging experiences and when flooded with emotions, distress tolerance skills can help.

4) Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills: Here, you’ll learn how to interact with others more effectively. This might involve asking for what you need, saying no to others’ requests, and generally asserting yourself and your boundaries. The interpersonal effectiveness module teaches listening and communication skills, as well as how to cope with difficult people and make relationship repairs.

DBT Skills Group

Our online DBT skills groups are six-month comprehensive programs. Attendance for the full six months is required in order to reap the benefits demonstrated from DBT skills groups in research and clinical settings. Members can participate in fully adherent DBT treatment at our center (skills group + individual therapy + phone coaching) or can join the group as a standalone treatment* or adjunct to their external individual therapy.

DBT therapy teaches how to manage and stabilize emotions, how to cope with difficult situations, and how to interact with others more effectively. It provides a framework for skilled and intentional living.


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Meet Your Facilitators for Online DBT

Dr. Stacey Rosenfeld is a clinical psychologist, certified eating disorders specialist, and certified group psychotherapist. She has worked at some of the finest institutions in the country helping folks address emotional and behavioral concerns. Dr. Rosenfeld is intensively trained in DBT through Marsha Linehan’s Behavioral Tech.

Thaimi Fina, MSEd is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and is certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy for trauma. Thaimi is an eating disorders specialist and has experience leading DBT Skills groups in a residential treatment setting and for years at Gatewell.

What Others Are Saying

“I utilize DBT because it combines the most effective strategies used in the field for years.  It goes beyond talking about what needs to change to actually changing behavior, emotions, and other experiences.  It is completely focused on getting the client where they want to be, while also approaching difficult experiences with kindness, understanding, and compassion.” Dr. Amy Long, Seed of Change Counseling and Neurotherapy Services

“I’ve been in a lot of therapy my whole life and when I learned DBT, it helped my life and me make more sense. I learned skills that have taught me how to manage both little and big issues.” Beth Mikesell, LMFT, Therapist in Private Practice

“DBT has taught my clients how to be effective when things are difficult; they learn skills for tolerating distress, managing emotions and how to ask for what they need. DBT has given my clients hope for the future and for a life worth living.” Lynn Waldman, LCSW, San Diego Divorce Counseling Center

Group Details

Our online DBT Skills Group is open to adults all over New York, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania and meets via Zoom. The group fee is $75. An individual consultation is required in order to join the group. Call 305-846-9370 for more information or to register for the group.

Graduate Group

Have you already completed skills training and want to continue to keep the skills alive in a more interactive setting? Our DBT graduate group might be a good fit for you. Similar to our primary skills training groups, the graduate group is open to adults all over New York, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania and meets via Zoom. The group fee is $75. Contact us for more information or to register for the group.

Taking the Next Step

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*based on individual consultation