weight stigma

How To Make Fat Bodies Unhealthy

A Recipe For Poor Health People in higher-weight bodies are not inherently unhealthy. Any research that shows a correlation between weight and poor health is just that, correlational. Is it that higher weights result in poorer health outcomes? Or is it that those in bigger bodies face weight stigma – pathologizing, oppression, and inadequate medicalContinue reading How To Make Fat Bodies Unhealthy


The Truth About Weight Loss

You’ve heard it so many times: “Calories in, calories out.” It’s simple, right? Well, not really. It turns out, our approximately 30-trillion-cell selves are much more complicated than a reductive equation. And our body size, as much as we’re led to believe otherwise, is largely impacted by factors beyond our control. Twin and adoption studies,Continue reading The Truth About Weight Loss


5 Reasons to Leave the Gym

As a certified personal trainer since 1996 (and fitness instructor on and off since then), I’ve put a lot of energy into motivating folks to move their bodies in the name of health and wellness. Exercise comes with a host of physical and mental health benefits, and engaging in even a single episode of physicalContinue reading 5 Reasons to Leave the Gym