How Does Online Therapy Work?

Gatewell is pleased to offer online therapy to clients in several states. Our registered dietitian nutritionist also offers online sessions across the country. We offer HIPAA-compliant video appointments, in addition to standard phone sessions.  Research has shown that online therapy is comparable to in-person therapy in its effectiveness.

Telehealth, including phone and video sessions, allows clients and therapists to meet outside of a physical office. A face-to-face encounter is preserved with video sessions, while concerns such as geography and scheduling are avoided. Online counseling allows clients and providers who have an established therapeutic relationship to continue working together when physical circumstances intervene or for clients who might otherwise be unable to access care to enter treatment. This is particularly important with regard to accessing specialized care.

Online work may also be particularly useful for clients who are medically compromised/disabled, for those without transportation, for those unable to leave their offices during a workday, for new parents, or for those who struggle with an emotional issue that makes attending an in-person session more challenging. Online counseling, however, is not indicated with all individuals or in all cases. Some clients may actually benefit from an in-person visit, rather than a remote one. At Gatewell, we will carefully review the pros and cons of telehealth with you.

Does Insurance Cover Online Therapy?

Each individual policy is different and the field of telehealth is still evolving, so this is a challenging question to answer.  Insurance does not cover phone sessions, but it might cover video appointments, depending on your policy. To check with your insurer, ask if remote (online) counseling is covered. The procedural code modifiers are either "GT" or "95," depending on the plan. The location code is "02," which signifies telehealth. If your insurer states that they will cover/reimburse you for online therapy, it is beneficial to get this authorization in writing. Still, coverage/reimbursement is not guaranteed until a claim is submitted and an explanation of benefits (EOB) is received.


Gatewell Therapists Who Offer Online Counseling:

Stacey Rosenfeld, PhD, CGP, CEDS

Offering online therapy in Florida, New York, and California.

Christine Tellez, RD

Offering online therapy to clients across the country.

Thaimi Fina, LMHC

Offering online therapy in Florida.

Amy Sosa, PsyD

Offering online therapy in Florida.