coping with infertility

Coping with Infertility

The Trauma of Infertility Coping with infertility can be one of the most trying experiences you face, with the process challenging you physically, emotionally, financially – and for many – spiritually. Often, folks struggling with infertility end up experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mental health outcomes. Relationships and responsibilities can suffer, self-esteem can plummet, andContinue reading Coping with Infertility


Redefining Lazy: A Problem-Solving Approach

Do you think you’re lazy? I have to admit, one of my least favorite descriptors, particularly self-descriptors, is the word, “lazy.” “I’m so lazy.” “I can’t seem to get this project done because I’m being lazy.” “I skipped the gym again. Lazy.” All too often, I hear these comments from folks who I’d actually describeContinue reading Redefining Lazy: A Problem-Solving Approach


Self-Care: Why This Recommendation Can Backfire

The Problem with Self-Care You don’t have to look online too long, whether it be scrolling through articles or social media posts, to come across suggestions and recommendations for self-care. Overwhelmed or stressed? Take a break. Struggling with psychiatric symptoms? Get a massage. Mental health professionals are especially keen on recommending self-care. The problem withContinue reading Self-Care: Why This Recommendation Can Backfire

emotional eating

Emotional Eating: Why We Won’t Negotiate

Gatewell providers often work with clients presenting with “compulsive” or emotional eating. These same clients typically have a history of dieting or somehow restricting their food. Restriction can take various forms, including limiting when we eat, what we eat, and how much. In fact, we rarely encounter self-identified overeaters who don’t skimp on their intakeContinue reading Emotional Eating: Why We Won’t Negotiate