holiday coping

Holiday Coping Guide

For some, the winter holidays aren’t all festivities and fun. They might be fraught with discomfort or distress. Experiences of grief, loneliness, anxiety, and an uptick in trauma symptoms are not uncommon. We’ve assembled some tips in this holiday coping guide to help get you through the season. Acknowledge your struggle. Acknowledge that this timeContinue reading Holiday Coping Guide

impostor syndrome

Impostor Syndrome

Are you an impostor? You’ve accomplished a decent amount in your life. You’ve succeeded professionally. You’ve contributed something to others. You’ve realized a number of your goals. Maybe, you’ve even received accolades from those around you. But, you have a sinking feeling that you’re fooling everyone. You believe that if people knew the truth, theyContinue reading Impostor Syndrome

coping with grief

Coping with Grief

Love sorrow. She is yours now, and you must take care of what has been given.  -Mary Oliver In the midst of loss, life can feel unbearable. Whether it’s the death of a family member, friend, or beloved pet; or the loss of a relationship, job, or dream; grieving the death, end, or closure toContinue reading Coping with Grief

legal drinking

Legal Drinking

Do Lawyers Drink More than Other Professionals? Over the course of 15 years of working with individuals who struggle with alcohol use disorders, I’ve heard plenty of stories of attorneys entertaining clients for hours on end, of bottles of hard liquor tucked away into desk drawers at the firm, and work cultures that normalize excessiveContinue reading Legal Drinking