legal drinking

Legal Drinking

Do Lawyers Drink More than Other Professionals? Over the course of 15 years of working with individuals who struggle with alcohol use disorders, I’ve heard plenty of stories of attorneys entertaining clients for hours on end, of bottles of hard liquor tucked away into desk drawers at the firm, and work cultures that normalize excessiveContinue reading Legal Drinking

sexual assault

Sexual Assault and Alcohol Use

CW: rape/sexual assault The Ford/Kavanaugh case has engendered numerous discussions about the connection between drinking and sexual assault. People – even in the mental health profession – are speculating about the accuracy of Dr. Ford’s report given her (reportedly minor) alcohol consumption around the time of her assault. Others are wondering whether or not KavanaughContinue reading Sexual Assault and Alcohol Use

mommy drinking

Mommy Drinking: How Wine-Mom Culture Has Normalized Alcohol Misuse

If you’re a mom, it’s hard to escape the “wine mom” memes, the ones that lightheartedly encourage you to drink because, woman, kids are tough.  Mommy drinking is real. There’s a Facebook page with over 700,000 followers called “Moms Who Need Wine.” Mothers kid that it’s always “wine o’clock,” get together for boozy play dates,Continue reading Mommy Drinking: How Wine-Mom Culture Has Normalized Alcohol Misuse