Praise for Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? Challenging Our Nation’s Fixation with Food and Weight:

“Finally, a book that offers hope to the myriad women feeling all alone in their negative obsession with food and body. These women, victims of our culturally thin ideal, can stop blaming themselves and plant the seeds of healing that will lead them toward self-love and acceptance.”

Elyse Resch, MS, RDN, CEDRD, FAND, FADA, Nutrition Therapist, and coauthor of Intuitive Eating

“Goes beyond simply raising awareness . . . Dr. Rosenfeld shares holistic solutions and exercises grounded in concrete psychology that lead the everyday woman to recognize her own biases around food and weight, adopt positive behavioral changes, and ultimately, acquire the personal empowerment we all desperately seek.”

Pia Guerrero, cofounder and editor, Adios Barbie

“Clinical psychologist Stacey Rosenfeld has created an insightful, engaging, and easy-to-read book that is perfect for any woman who has ever judged her self-worth by the fit of her jeans. Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? is teeming with eye-popping statistics, thought-provoking exercises, and relatable personal stories that will help you ‘lose the diet, love your body, and eat in peace.'”

Jennifer J. Thomas, PhD, author of Almost Anorexic: Is My (or My Loved One’s) Relationship with Food a Problem? and Codirector, Eating Disorders Clinical and Research Program, Massachusetts General Hospital

“Stacey Rosenfeld has written a smart, important, and wildly necessary book. It should be required reading for all women—and the men in their lives.”

Abby Ellin, author of Teenage Waistland: A Former Fat-Camper Weighs in on Living Large, Losing Weight, and How Parents Can (and Can’t) Help

“Candid, accessible, and inspiring. Stacey Rosenfeld provides a comprehensive and engaging discussion around the different facets of our pervasive discomfort with body and food. This thought-provoking book is an important contribution to our growing knowledge about the realities of women’s perceptions of their appetites and their bodies, while also offering concrete ideas about how to challenge and overcome problematic beliefs and behaviors.”

Chiara Battistello, LCSW, Coordinator, Columbia Eating Disorders Program

“Dr. Rosenfeld shines a light on the incredibly ‘normal’ problem of body image dissatisfaction that women today face in epidemic proportions. Her words echo the true notion that women are capable and valuable for more than what they look like, and once they recognize the ways negative body image holds them back from their full potential, they can get somewhere much more empowering and liberating.”

Lexie Kite, PhD, cofounder of the Beauty Redefined Foundation

“Dr. Rosenfeld’s book is a must-read for girls and women across race, class, and age. Blending sociology and psychology, she couples a critical analysis on everything from the cult of celebrity and the role of advertising to body image concerns across the life span with engaging and eye-opening exercises. I’ll definitely be using this in my classes and as reference in my own work as a body image advocate.”

Melanie Klein, Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies, Santa Monica College, and coeditor of Yoga and Body Image: 25 Personal Stories About Beauty, Bravery, & Loving Your Body

“In asking whether every woman has an eating disorder, Stacey Rosenfeld shows that disordered eating and body image problems are much more common than statistics about full-blown eating disorders would suggest. Rosenfeld shows how these problems stem from the incessant negative messages propagated by mainstream contemporary US culture. Insightful and incisive, Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? also offers practical advice for developing a positive relationship with food and feeling comfortable in one’s own skin. Highly recommended for anyone who has ever dieted or felt ashamed of how her body looks.”

Abigail C. Saguy, Associate Professor of Sociology, UCLA, and author of What’s Wrong with Fat?

“An important addition to the field. Stacey Rosenfeld illuminates how our toxic cultural environment contributes to disordered eating and attitudes toward food and our bodies. And she offers some useful strategies for change.”

Jean Kilbourne, EdD, Senior Scholar, Wellesley Centers for Women and creator of the Killing Us Softly: Advertising’s Image of Women film series

“For nearly a decade, I’ve followed Dr. Stacey’s blog, intrigued by her question: ‘Does every woman have an eating disorder?’ Maybe we don’t all fit the DSM-5 criteria, but it’s distressingly rare to find a girl or woman who hasn’t compared, chastised, berated, felt shame over, or attempted to punish her body for not measuring up. In a society where females can never win, this book proves that while its title is sadly rhetorical, there are steps we can take to empower ourselves and fight back.”

Leslie Goldman, women’s health writer and author of Locker Room Diaries: The Naked Truth about Women, Body Image and Re-imagining the “Perfect” Body

“Dr. Rosenfeld insightfully exposes the reader to the often neglected world of women and disordered eating. Many conflicted and hurting women who do not have a full-fledged eating disorder but still struggle with weight and body image will find enormous comfort and a door to freedom in this well-written book.”

Jacquelyn Ekern, MS, LPC, President, Eating Disorder Hope

“Dr. Rosenfeld does a great job of addressing the concerns most women have about weight and eating and provides useful strategies to the reader for improving her relationship with food and her body. I will be recommending the book to my clients.”

Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, Psychologist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, Director of Eating Disorder Therapy LA

“Stacey Rosenfeld and her terrific book just made my job easier. As an advocate supporting people who experience weight bias and weight stigma, I often find it difficult to slice through the rhetoric of ‘common knowledge’ when speaking with people who aren’t aware there is another side to the story. Dr. Stacey concisely breaks down that ‘knowledge’ and bite by bite discredits the fallacies while building a new foundational knowledge of accurate, scientifically proven fact that people can in turn build better self-image, habits of proper self-care, and decisions that work best for their body.”

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, founder of

“Stacey Rosenfeld adeptly captures the current science about eating and body image and delivers it in a meaningful, relatable style. This highly valuable resource will resonate with clinicians, parents, women, and essentially everyone who eats!”

Hope W. Levin, MD, Psychiatrist

“Stacey Rosenfeld has presented us with an approachable, insightful, and practical book to help women explore their relationships to food, their bodies, and themselves. I really love the hands-on activities that she offers and have used several with my clients to great effect. I appreciate the personal anecdotes as well as accounts from real women on their struggles to find a peaceful relationship with food, and I’m encouraged to find that Dr. Rosenfeld offers much hope to women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds that recovery is possible.”

Kate B. Daigle, MA, NCC, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor and Eating Disorder Specialist

“A radical peace movement called Health at Every Size® is happening in America, and this book offers a solid argument for it. Stacey Rosenfeld’s fresh perspective is very much needed in a culture that prescribes for fat people the very behaviors we diagnose as ‘eating disordered’ in thin people.”

Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD, dietitian and cofounder of Be Nourished (

“Articulate  and honest, finally a book that brings to light what most women believe or have thought at one  point in their lives. Stacey provides empathy and humor around hard topics while simultaneously empowering women to do something different.”

Justine M. Roth MS, RD, CDN, Registered Dietitian

“Stacey Rosenfeld has brought us a wonderful resource to help decrease women’s disatisfaction with their bodies.  Readers will identify ways they get trapped in their relationship with food and will learn specific, comprehensive techniques to break free of this suffering.”

Janeen Locker, Ph.D., A Psychology Corporation, Trauma and Eating Disorders Specialist

“I laughed, I winced, I related. Most of all, I appreciate Stacey getting to the hard truth we need to hear–most of us do have some kind of problem with food, weight, and our bodies, and we can repair it!”

Camerin Ross, MA, Mindful-Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coaching

“Stacey Rosenfeld has written an insightful and provocative book that will make all women investigate their own relationship with body and food. Stacey puts into print what we have all been observing in our practices and society. It is an important book in the growth of the field of eating disorder prevention and treatment. It is a must-read for all women.”

Stacey B. Schulman, MS, RDN, CEDRD, CDN, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian