Below is the extended biography of Gatewell founder/director, Dr. Stacey Rosenfeld.

Clinical Psychology Affiliations (Current and Prior):

New York State Psychological Association

Los Angeles County Psychological Association, Founding Chair of the Eating Disorder Special Interest Group; Past Foundation Board Member at Large

Florida Psychological Association

American Group Psychotherapy Association

Center for Group Studies

Academy of Eating Disorders, Social Media Committee Member (2013-2016)

International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, Social Media Committee Member (Miami Chapter)

Eating Disorder Coalition of Miami, Treasurer (now the Alliance for Eating Disorders)

National Eating Disorders Association

Association for Size Diversity and Health, Prior Social Media Committee Member

Women’s Mental Health Consortium

Mirror Mirror Eating Disorder Help, Editor

Sport/Exercise Affiliations:

Chief Psychologist, New York City Triathlon (2007-2010)

Psyching Team, New York City Marathon (2008)

American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer (since 1996)

Madd Dogg Athletics, Certified Spinning Instructor (since 2006)

Lululemon, Team Research and Development (since 2012)

Zumba Fitness, Certified Zumba Instructor (2013)

The University of Miami Wellness Center Group Fitness Instructor (since 2015)

Infertility Affiliations:

ASRM (and Mental Health Professional Group)


Donor Sibling Registry

Teaching/Lecturing Experience:

UNC-Chapel Hill

Duke University

The George Washington University

The University of Maryland-College Park

Georgetown University

Pace University

Baruch College


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