Gatewell Therapy Center’s Dr. Rosenfeld has a lengthy involvement in the fitness world. A personal trainer and fitness instructor for 20 years, Dr. Rosenfeld has witnessed how the industry can help – or hurt- with regard to eating and body image concerns. As such, Dr. Rosenfeld has developed a special style of fitness coaching that celebrates body diversity and positivity. Her aim is for those of all fitness levels – and sizes – to realize the physical and psychological benefits of movement.

Dr. Rosenfeld is available for private and group fitness coaching. Those in eating disorder recovery will require provider/team approval, and Dr. Rosenfeld will collaborate closely with the treatment team. Dr. Rosenfeld is also available to assess whether patients are ready to return to exercise and to evaluate the psychological profile of specific fitness programs. Finally, trainers, fitness programs, and facilities are invited to consult with Dr. Rosenfeld to help make their programming more body-positive, sensitive to those with eating/body image concerns, and inviting to participants of all shapes and sizes.

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