holiday stress

Coping with Holiday Stress

While folks gather, celebrate, eat, and drink over the holidays, it’s important to note that cheer and contentment aren’t everyone’s experience. For many, the holidays can be stressful, and for some, they’re downright difficult. Whether the discomfort is associated with seeing certain family members, eating holiday meals, or traveling, the holiday season can evoke varyingContinue reading Coping with Holiday Stress

Latino mental health

Latino Mental Health

Lily recently moved from Central America to the United States to escape her country’s dangers and to find new opportunities abroad. Six months have passed, and while Lily has adjusted to her new job and has a comfortable place to live, she has been feeling sad, alone, and anxious. She has noticed that adjusting toContinue reading Latino Mental Health

comprehensive DBT

Comprehensive DBT

DBT is an evidence-based modality that can help individuals who suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, trauma/PTSD, substance misuse, disordered eating, self-harm/suicidality, and borderline personality disorder, as well as broader issues with emotional regulation and interpersonal functioning. DBT was founded by psychologist, Dr. Marsha Linehan, and developed from the early part of her career’s focusContinue reading Comprehensive DBT


Building Resilience: Coping with Trauma, Adversity, and More

Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of people coping with varying degrees of stress, trauma, and adversity. With this, comes an organic study of how people come to handle life’s challenges and how they come upon resilience. Some erroneously believe that being resilient means that you don’t struggle  or have difficult emotions or experiences,Continue reading Building Resilience: Coping with Trauma, Adversity, and More

levels of care

Levels of Care: Choosing the Right Eating Disorder Treatment

Levels of Care in Eating Disorder Treatment If you’re struggling with an eating disorder and have started to research treatment, chances are you’ve come across different types of therapies in different formats and locations. You might have noticed that a number of professionals are involved in eating disorder treatment (e.g., psychotherapist, registered dietitian, medical doctor,Continue reading Levels of Care: Choosing the Right Eating Disorder Treatment

radical body acceptance

Radical Body Acceptance

In our teaching of DBT skills, I always say that radical acceptance is one of the hardest skills to learn. To do. To embody. I feel this way myself. As much as I talk about acceptance, I find my brain constantly wants to err on the change side of the acceptance-change continuum. It wants toContinue reading Radical Body Acceptance

youth sports

The Psychology of Youth Sports: What We Continue To Get Wrong

Participating in sports offers our kids so many benefits: physical activity, teamwork, working toward goals, socialization, fun, and more. Unfortunately, there are some aspects of youth sports that are harmful and detract from the multiple benefits. Here are five observations (as an ex-athlete, a graduate of a master’s program in sport psychology/clinical psychologist, and aContinue reading The Psychology of Youth Sports: What We Continue To Get Wrong