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Open Path – Gatewell Makes Specialized Treatment More Accessible

One of the problems we’ve consistently noticed in the world of mental health is poor access to quality treatment. This seems to occur even more frequently when individuals are seeking out therapy with mental health specialists. As eating disorder, substance use disorder, and trauma specialists (in addition to our more general areas), we know how challenging it is to find a specialist provider for those who have financial limitations. It’s a systemic problem that only the wealthy can seek out quality, specialized care, as skilled, seasoned providers (especially in larger metropolitan areas) typically don’t take insurance (assuming that prospective clients even have insurance or that their insurance plans allow them affordable care). And unfortunately, there are many providers who accept insurance that advertise specialties but lack the requisite training and experience in these areas to deliver ethical, effective care.

Often, our practice is approached by prospective clients who are uninsured or under-insured asking for specialized care. Before now, we didn’t have adequate local referral resources for them. So instead of just standing by and watching our field economically weed out people desperately in need of treatment, we decided to do something.

As of April, 2018, we have joined the Open Path network, offering limited spots for individual/couples/family therapy and an unlimited number of group therapy spots in our practice. If you’re unfamiliar, Open Path is a resource for the uninsured/under-insured. Clients must pay a one-time $49 fee to join Open Path. After that, they have access to a large network of Open Path providers – those who have agreed to charge $30-$50 for individual therapy and up to $80 for couples/family therapy.

We’re hoping that by joining Open Path, we can increase access to care in our community, reduce the economic privilege associated with seeking out mental healthcare, and operate in greater alliance with our practice vision.

We urge those who individuals who qualify to sign up with Open Path in order to find more affordable counseling, and we encourage our colleagues to join us in making quality, specialized treatment more accessible.

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